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Enoch Snyder began working summer construction jobs at age 13 in the mountains of West Virginia. His father was a rural blacksmith and his first jobs were with Mennonite carpenters. Enoch learned at an early age the value of things made well.  Other than a brief stint as a would-be archaeologist in grade school, his earliest professional goal was to design and build.

He chose to go to architecture school so that he could learn to “build well”. In 1994, Enoch graduated from the University of Virginia’s School of Architecture. After his time at the University, he worked in downtown Charlottesville for Train & Spencer Architects, learning the ins and outs of high-end residential architecture.

After 4 successful years, it was time to return to his roots. Enoch joined the Charlottesville construction firm Alexander/Nicholson Inc. as a project manager.  During his tenure there, he managed projects of all sizes, from additions and renovations to commercial projects such as the Charlottesville Catholic School.

After several years of managing construction, he began to put it all together.  Alexander/Nicholson started a Design/Build division, which Enoch managed and was lead designer through the end of 2009. All of his projects were now being designed and built by the same team.

Enoch E. Snyder III Design/Build, LLC is the culmination of these efforts. From his downtown Charlottesville office, Enoch is practicing what he has learned over more than 25 years, continuing to design and build structures that will serve beautifully for generations to come.

Historically, architects and construction managers were one and the same.  Architects were hired to not just design, but coordinate the entire project. Our firm harkens back to that era. There is an efficiency and clear chain of responsibility that clients find refreshing, and an open dialogue about all aspects of the project that lets our clients retain control of the process.

We deeply believe that designing and building a new house or renovation should be enjoyable. It is often one of the most challenging projects a client can undertake, but it can be rewarding if managed well. We have developed a thoughtful design program that carefully guides customers through the many steps it takes to go from concept to reality.

With the ability to reach effective design solutions quickly, while constantly thinking of value and good building techniques, our background in both construction and architecture allow a Design/Build process that is truly unique.  We collaborate with local engineers, interior designers, and landscape architects to create a project team that will be a perfect match for your needs.

We have a long list of references, and are happy to share them with anyone interested. They are our best form of advertising. We invite you to call on us to help you with any projects you may have.


1130 East High Street Unit A, Charlottesville VA 22902

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